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La Havana Biennal 1997

Tribute to Moustapha Dimé by Mohammed Kacimi




Editors Simon Njami et CAN:BAIA

100 pages 33x23cm

Published in June 1997

In French and English




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A new World



We've been ail kinds of . That sun revolves around the earth. That man is a wolf for man. That Christopher Columbus discovered America. That there is an old world and a new world. And even a third world, imaginatively called the "Third World".


We're told to believe in determinism and fatality. That not all truths should be spoken and that the plague was a curse from heaven. We've been told to believe in the history of art. In History. In stories. We were told that jazz had no future, that the madness of Van Gogh and Artaud was lethal, that Socrates killed himself, that Billie Hollyday was meant to die the way she did and that MacCarthy was a patriot.


We've been told to believe in races and colours. We've been told that generous ideas could kill, that the crusades were a rightful cause, that the inquisition was God's will, that slavery was inherent to all societies. We've been told to accept wars as a necessity.


We've been told that love is dead. And that money is the new God.


We've been told that Africa was a condemned continent. godforsaken, dead, struck off the map, that emotion was Negro and reason Hellenic, that all Arabs are terrorists, all Japs are kamikazes, that the Egyptians were Negroes then weren't any more and that the descendants of Cham were damned.


We've been told there were no people in America before the Europeans arrived.
Nobody asks a stone to determine its origins and explain its presence. And maybe this, and this alone, is the way stones could make us hear their laughter and tears.


And if a new world were to come about, it would be a world where we would once again be capable of hearing the laughter and tears of stones.



by Simon N'Jami




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ART / AFRICAN CANADA / Leslie Coleman, Hollis Baptiste, Chrystal Clements, Anthony Benoit, Gordon Christopher, Pedro Alderette, Roberta Huebener, Kineko, Jan Crick, Roland Jean, Paulette Hawkins, Jeffrey Austin Gisbson, Artis Lane, Lilison, Ormsby Ford, Khadejha McCall, Tony, Lloyd Pollard, David George Morgan, Yvon Villmarceaux, June Clark, Kim Mc Neilly, Jan Wade, Carlyle G. Williams, Winsom, Tim Whiten, Marjorie Jolly, Ijose Chow, Andrea Fatona


PHOTO / AFRICAN CANADA / Emmanuel Jongué, Rose Ann Bailey, David Zapparoli, Michael Chambers, Buseje Bailey, Stella Fakiyesi, Melinda Mollineaux


LITERATURE / AFRICAN CANADA / Joël Des Rosiers, George Elliott Clarke, Gérard Etienne, Rudolph Allen, Michelle Ann Bess, Rachel Hosten, Sharon M. Lewis, Angela Lee, Ijose Chow, Bernadette Dyer, Henry Saint Fleur, Sister Vision Press

DANCE  / AFRICAN CANADA / Badu, Len Gibson, Maboungou, Nysta Nysta, John Alleyne, Learie Mc Nicolls, Coba, Ballet Creole

THEATRE / AFRICAN CANADA / Mc Nicolls, Zhina Mandiela, Colin Taylor, Addena Sumter Freitag, Riot, Black Theatre West, BTW, Joujou Turenne, Whylah Falls, Pauline Peters

CINEMA / AFRICAN CANADA / James, Clement Virgo, Douglas, Donna James


MUSIC/ Almeta Speaks, Lorraine Klassen, Four The Moment, Jim Norman, Salome Bey, Dub Poetry, Malaika, Fréres Guisé, Djolof

TALKS MEMORY / CAN: BAIA, Marva Ollivierre, Lee, Harold Head, Adrienne Shadd, Glace W. Lawrence, Cameron Bailey, Gabrielle Hezekiah, Andrea Fatona, Anne Marie Hood, Zab Maboungou, Marva Jackson, Joanne Gairy, Claire Prieto

ART NEWS / Vilaire, Chéri Samba, Touré Béhan, Abdoulaye Konaté, Cecilia Paredes, Aqus Suwage, Ouattara



AFRICAN SUITES exhibition (to continue)




TRIBUTE to MOUSTAPHA DIMÉ by Mohammed Kacimi




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