Terms and contions of Sale

for publications and rare éditions-portfolios Revue Noire


Article 1 : PURPOSE

These conditions concern the conditions of sale between BICFL/REVUE NOIRE and the BUYER :

– on the website www.revuenoire.com for publications, limited editions (prints header, portfolios, works of artist …);

– and the Maison Revue Noire, 8 rue Cels, F-75014 Paris, original works of artists.

BICFL / Revue Noire reserves the right to modify the conditions of sale without notice to prepare.



REVUE NOIRE is a trademark of  BICFL s.a.s. All transactions are conducted on behalf of BICFL

BICFL s.a.s. a French limited company with capital of 79 050 Euros, www.bicfl.fr

Headquarters : 8 rue Cels, 75014 Paris, France

Director PDG : Jean Loup Pivin

Phone : 33 (0)1 4320 2814

E-mail : order@revuenoire.com

No intra-Community CE : FR 62 338 401 524

Registred No : Paris B 338 401 524 – SIRET 338 401 524 000 16 CODE Naf 748K



Products and services concerned :

– original art works (photographs, visual art …) offered for sale at the Maison REVUE NOIRE, edited signed numbered edition of 1 to 5 copies maximum, conducted under the supervision of the author.

– Limited editions offered for sale online at www.revuenoire.com, up to 15 copies of works (30 copies all formats) of head prints, portfolios, Photographies, Art Object, Art Video, conducted under supervision of the artist, numbered, signed or certified original by Revue Noire.

(depending CGI : Decree 95-172 of 17.02.1995, art. 98A, Annex III)

-Paper publishing without limited editon (magazines, books)

The BUYER acknowledges that the images of the original works contained on the site revuenoire.com are only indicative. Slight variations may occur between the image displayed on the screen and the original work.


Article 4 : PRICE

The sale price for France of works are listed in Euros, net of all taxes (VAT), excluding shipping costs. The VAT in France is 10% (artwork, book publishing).

The prices for foreign sales (all other country than France) are in export value, excluding tax, except custom taxs, excluding shipping costs.

Delivery costs of works and publishings are shown online inclusive of all taxes (VAT), established by the destination of the delivery.

The orders, whatever their origins, are payable in Euros.

Revue Noire reserves the right to update, without notice, the sale price listed on his online gallery.

The prices of the same editions for sale at the gallery can be different.

The shipments are made under coditionnement adapted by express carrier or priority post.



Acceptance of the offer by the purchaser takes the form of validation in the context of the gallery mail, an “approval click” after making all of the information by the recipient”: Name, Phone , Shipping Address, E-mail.

The order placed by the purchaser is subject to written confirmation by e-mail BICFL / Revue Noire.


Article 6 : PAYMENT

RN / BICFL proposed modes of payment in Euros

1) On Online secured by SSL encryption on the PAYPAL site (internationally recognized) by credit card Visa, Mastercard… around BICFL. According to PayPal contions. PayPal  have few restrictions for hight payment from few countries. In this context, for security for the buyer, BICFL / Revue Noire is not aware of references to the credit card of the purchaser.

2) After prior agreement between the parties, at the Maison Revue Noire, by any means (check or bank transfer in Euros payable to BICFL). Payment by check or wire transfer of command will be treated as the date Record the check or bank transfer (amount corresponding to the total order placed). The purchaser certifies in validating his order, and that he is a regular situation with respect to the issuer the payment card, check or wire transfer.


Bank References :

BICFL s.a.s., 8 rue Cels, F – 75014 Paris

Banque : Société générale, Paris Denfert (03280), 5 avenue du Général Leclerc, 75014 Paris, tel : +33 (0)1 4064 1040

RIB : 30003 – 01987 – 00020023924 – 57

IBAN : FR76 – 3000 – 3019 – 8700 – 0200 – 2392 – 457



Article 7 : DELIVERY

Works and publishings ordered on the website are delivered to the shipping address provided during the checkout process, in packaging adapted by priority post with acknowledgment of receipt or Post Colissimo Expert delivery against signature or by express carrier accepted by Revue Noire/BICFL.

The original art works are hand-delivered to the gallery for orders made in place.

According to availability of orders, delivery times or availability are 5 to 15 days depending on the place of shipment. These deadlines are extended, if payment by check, of the period of collection.

In case of delay will be sent an email to the buyer.

The dates and delivery times mentioned are indicative.

Any delays in delivery may in no circumstances give rise to any compensation or penalties charged to Revue Noire.

But all orders not shipped within a maximum of 30 days following the date of receipt of payment can be canceled by the purchaser and will be refunded, except in cases of force majeure (war, riots, strikes, accidents …)

At any time the purchaser may request the status of his order by special request via email to redaction@revuenoire.com.



In case of problems upon receipt of goods it is essential that the purchaser, in addition to the “handwritten reserves” to be issued, be made to establish a “record of anomalies” by the post office which he belongs or by the carrier .

This form should be sent to BICFL / Revue Noire so that it can investigate and take legal action for compensation.

In the case of an apparent defect or nonconformity of the goods delivered, any acquisition of assets will be the subject of a formal agreement between BICFL / Revue Noire and the buyer.

Any return agreement will entitle the purchaser to obtain a free replacement goods or refund of a credit to his profit, excluding any other compensation or damages.

The property must be returned in their original packaging at the expense of the purchaser.


Article 9 : WITHDRAWAL

Under the provisions of Article 121-16 of the French Code of Consumption, the purchaser has a period of 7 calendar days from receipt of order for the return goods, at its expense in the original package and request an exchange or refund.

After that, it is considered that the buyer accepts the goods and may no longer exercise his right to claim.



All art works solded on the site www.revuenoire.com or the gallery are protected to the provisions of the French Code of Intellectual Property as intellectual work entitled to copyright no articles L111-1 et seq.

The rights of the acquirer on the work are limited to a right of private use, excluding any right of representation and reproduction.

Any representation or reproduction in whole or in part made without the consent of their authors and Revue Noire is illegal.



All personal information of the purchaser shall be exclusively for our services.

According to the law and freedoms of January 6, 1978, the purchaser has at any time the right of access, rectification and opposition to personal data.

Furthermore, we pledge not to sell or rent transmit this information to the attention of others. You can exercise this right by making the application reach:

– By e-mail order@revuenoire.com to

– or by mail to BICFL / Revue Noire, 8 rue Cels, F-75014 Paris



This agreement in French is subject to French law and in particular to Article L 121-16 to L 121-20 of the Consumer Code.



In the event that a dispute would arise from this contract, the parties agree before any legal action to seek an amicable solution. Otherwise, disputes are in the courts of Paris 14th.


About Data Protection Act

Under the Data Protection Act (January 6, 1978, art. 34) You have a right to access and modify, correct or delete all your information by mail To: redaction@revuenoire.com Furthermore, we pledge not to sell or rent transmit this information to the attention of others.


Law on Copyright

All works and publishings in this site are property of their authors. They constitute authors works within the meaning of the Article L112-1 of the French Code of Intellectual Property.

Accordingly, any representation or reproduction integral partial or could be made without the consent of the author is illegal.