DIRECTOR: Jean Loup Pivin

EDITORS-IN-CHIEF: Jean Loup Pivin, Simon Njami, Pascal Martin Saint Leon

ART DIRECTOR: Pascal Martin Saint Leon


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REVUE NOIRE is located in Montparnasse, between the streets Daguerre-Froidevaux, no far from Avenue du Maine-Montparnasse station. Our office and shop are near the art “Fondation Cartier” and the photo “Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson”. To come to see us, the closest subway stations are Gaité or Denfert-Rochereau or Montparnasse or Edgar Quinet. And also by bus 90 to 99 coming to Montparnasse Station.


REVUE NOIRE office, 250 m2, proposes several times a year multi-field artistic events offering to visitors environments revealing a topic or an idea, mixing plastic artworks, videos, sound spaces, and all other medias…


REVUE NOIRE team is at your disposal for any help concerning the purchase of an artwork, spotted during an exposure, on our internet website or in the online shop of limited editions objects supplementing the REVUE NOIRE publications bookshop. If the magazine publishing stopped its publication in 2001, support for African artists and Diaspora, publishing books and producing exhibitions and events continue.




Founding members of REVUE NOIRE in 1990, Jean Loup Pivin, Simon Njami and Pascal Martin Saint Leon (later joined by N’Goné Fall) mixed with the artistic world during all their professional lives.
JEAN LOUP PIVIN, architect of the National Museum of Mali (in Bamako) as the restoration of the royal Palais de Honme in Porto Novo (Benin) has created in 1985 one of the first cultural engineering office, BICFL, and advising on cultural projects in France like abroad. He creates in 1990 the magazine REVUE NOIRE on contemporary African art, with Simon Njami, Pascal Martin Saint Leon and Bruno Tilliette, which plays a decisive role on the place of African artists in the international art market. He curated numerous exhibitions on contemporary African art (such as “Africa Suites” in Paris, “African artists and AIDS” in Dakar and Cotonu, “Africa by Africans” presented in Paris, Sao Paulo, London, Berlin, Cape Town, Washington , New York, Brussels…), or more generally on the contemporary art ( « Egyptian Cinema », « Morocco today »; « Haiti, angels and demons », « Photoquai »…). His knowledge in the field of art, and also more specifically photography, engages in the 2000s, numerous conferences and jury many photography events abroad.


SIMON NJAMI, writer, art lecturer, co-founder of Revue Noire, curator of several exhibitions (as “Africa Remix” presented in Dusseldorf, Tokyo, Paris), is considered by his colleagues as a specialist on African art world.
PASCAL MARTIN SAINT LEON, architect, worked with Jean Loup Pivin in the design and implementation of the National Museum of Mali and other institutions such as the Egide and the Théâtre des Muses in Paris. In 1991, co-founder of Revue Noire, he became artistic director of the magazine. Collector of old and modern photographs of the late 1900 to the 20th century, he is always looking for artists whose work remains to be recognized.


BRUNO TILLIETTE, journalist and communication consultant, is a man of theater and close to many African writers.


N’GONÉ FALL is an architect, advisor on African contemporary art and curator.