Revue Noire 16

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Little islands in Indian Ocean



La Reunion






Literature, theatre


Talks - Memories



Editor Jean Loup Pivin

100 pages 33x23cm

Published in March 1995

In French and English



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An Island


Ever blue, ever in the winds, the islands float on the Indian Ocean and in our minds. Our imagination transforms them into lost paradises. From romantic white sails to romantic charters, everyone becomes the Cyclops of the Odyssey ?  With one unique way of looking at things, with one unique eye that is blind, in the final reckoning, to more common realities.


As if islands protected more than they enclosed. Yet this implies forgetting about Nelson Mandela on Robben Island. Islands are not refuges of truth, but rather prisons of meaning and misinterpretation on which society likes to believe that it is a world onto itself, with the sea and cyclones as its sole infinity. The sea is also, however, a highway bordering the suburbs of an unfindable city. The neurosis of a lost center. The winds blow all kinds of music and lyrics into the air ; the notes and the words criss-cross above the waves. From elsewhere to here. From here to elsewhere.


And then we perceive that islands are only wings of migrating birds, a few feathers of which alight on the ocean.


by Jean Loup Pivin



contents of RN 16 :


ART / MAURITIUS / Khalid Nazroo, Mala Chummun Ramyead, Firoz Ghanty, Pierre Argo, Geneviève Bonieux, Dharmadeo Nirmal Hurry, Serge Constantin, Henry Koombes Kums, Ismet Ganti, Treebhoobun, Véronique Le Clézio, Serge Selvon, Sophie Koenig, Rishi Jogoo, Salim Currimjee, Mario Ng /

ART / REUNION / Pongérard, Alain Padeau, Jack Thi, Wilhiam Zitte, Gilbert Clain, Mickaël Elma, François Giraud, Dominique Ficot, Art' Senik, Raoul, Giscloux, Seznec, Maillot Rosely, Antoine Du Vignaux :

ART / COMOROS / Mohamed Ali M'Ze 'Modali', Ali Mroiviliu 'Napalo', Saïd Bacar Housseine /

ART / SEYCHELLES / Golbert Nourrice, Léon Radegonde, Egbert Marday


PHOTO / MAURITIUS / Pitchen, Tristan Bréville, Thierry Montocchio, Musée Photo de Saint Louis /

PHOTO / REUNION /Hervé Douris, Raymond Barthe, Philippe Gaubert, Thierry Hoarau, Jean Marc Grenier



LITERATURE / Malcom de Chazal, Boris Gaamaleya, Jeanne Breze, Kahl, Vinod Rughoonundun, Ananda Nirsimloo Anenden, Hassam Wachill, Isabelle Boni Claverie


THEATRE / Jean Michel Bruyère, Vollard
CINEMA / Medoune Seye
MUSIC / Maalesh, Gam gam, Nawal, Salim Ali Amir, Abou Chihabi
TALKS MEMORIES / De Souza, Jean Louis Robert, Musée Léon Dierx, François Cheval, Sitti Saïd Youssouf, Jacques Soulillou
BOOKS / El Baz, Alain Padeau, Jack Beng Thi, Mickaël Elma, Padeau, Pongérard, Edouard Rajaona, Ali Mroivili Napalo, Chummun Ramyead
ART NEWS  / Marcos Lora Read, Samuel Kane Kwei, Yamou, Aboudramane



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