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Art portfolios : Pascale Marthine Tayou, Bili Bidjocka, Dicko, Mbezele Solo Aloys…
Visual art panorama of artists from Cameroon







Art & AIDS


Tribute to Chris Seydou

Chris Seydou, Malian fashion designer, is deceaded. Tribute


Talks - Memoires



Editor Jean Loup Pivin

68 pages 40x28cm

Published in June 1994

In French and English




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Of Love


Can one blame our day and age for having invented techniques designed to better understand mankind and especially for having convinced us, momentarily, that the destiny of a society or an individual depended upon these same techniques ?  History, sociology, psychoanalysis, and ethnology have so profoundly invaded reality that it has been transformed into an vast hymn of commentary. In response, artistic creativity has never stopped desiring to kill itself and then be reborn, sometimes forgetting « The Days of Geniuses ». The burial had to take place.


Therefrom has perhaps sprung a proof of our liberty. Yet what liberty besides that of despair ? An existence made up of acts, of exchange and confrontation, of love and hate, of doubts about life and death, little adapts to structures and schematic categories aiming to deconstruct a hypothetical “how”, when it is the “why” that alone interests us.


Why did Chris Seydou die ? Why are the Sudan, Angola, the Congo, Burundi and Rwanda, liquidating fantasies of difference by means of horror and death ? Why has Cameroon approached the abyss of hate ? Why AIDS ? Why should one continue to believe that love will triumph when selfishness and murderous madness vomit up mass graves everywhere ?


Has death become a human being’s primary liberty, its contemplation the sole object of his life ?


by Jean Loup Pivin



contents of RN 13 :


ART / CAMEROON / Pascale Marthine Tayou, Bato, Joseph Francis Sumégné, Barthélémy Toguo Tamakoné, Bili Bidjocka, Mbezele Solo Aloys, Diako, Nzante Spee, Pascal Kenfack, Komégné, Dikoumé, Kouam Tawagje, Joël Mpah Dooh, Ndjeng Rigobert Aimé, Hervé Yamgen, Pefura, Tchebetchou, Doual'Art 


ART / Braïma Injaï, Tapfuma Gutsa, Kan-Sy

PHOTO / Thomas Nintcheu Monkan, de Barros Duchêne, Mix Gueye, Boubacar Touré Mandémory

CINEMA / Ba Kobhio, Jean Pierre Bekolo

MUSIC / Jacques Elangué, Les Têtes Brulées

ARCHITECTURE DESIGN / Danièle Diwouta Kotto

TALKS MEMORIES / Simon Njami, Doual'Art, Marilyn Douala-Bell, Didier Schaub, Adame Ba Konaré, Pauline Awa Bary, Cléo Sary


AIDS / LITERATURE / Mongo Beti, Blaise N'Djehoya, Antoine Assoumou, Fernando d'Almeida, Marcel Saint-d'Anchs, Bole Butake, G.B. Samie Moukhat, Marcel Zang, Jonathan Kenfack Guimezang, Michèle Rakotoson, Koulsy Lamko


TRIBUTE TO KRIS SEYDOU by Alphadi, Mickael Kra, Reine Pokou, Oumou Sy…


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