Northern Africa

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(Impressions d'Afrique du Nord)


ESSAY by Nabil Naoum.

PHOTOGRAPHS by Laziz Hamani, Lara Baladi, Jellel Gasteli, Nabil Boutros, Yto Barrada.


This book is a journey through this region of Africa bordering the Mediterranean, and, equally, within the spirit of photographers born in these places, who lived there, who have left to return. It is a journey of discovery of belonging and identity, or a journey of exile and finding roots, or finally a stop in time, to better understand the cycle of life through the light and shadow, the black and the white.





All power of light in these places :

Probably the first thing that strikes the visitor in North Africa is the glare that the whole landscape is bathed and wrapped. The light that floods the body like a waterfall is always accompanied by its opposite, a shadow that not conceding nothing to the glory and radiance. And this intimate union of white and black sometimes invites us to do without color, or even leads us to see not only the landscape through unique color of prism.  


Nabil Naoum (extract)



Essay by Nabil Naoum

and 57 B&W photographs by Laziz Hamani, Lara Baladi, Jellel Gasteli, Nabil Boutros, Yto Barrada

Published in 1998

In French only

ISBN 2 909571 430 - EAN 978 2 909571 430



Few pages from the book 'Impressions from Northern Africa' :