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SLT Workshop

(L'atelier de Sonny Labou Tansi)




– CORRESPONDANCE : (1973-1983) of SLT with José Pivin and Françoise Ligier,

– NOVEL : “Machin la Hernie” (the complet text of “L’État honteux” published by Le Seuil in 1981),

– POESY : 2 versions of “L’Acte de Respirer” and “930 mots dans un aquarium”.




Volume I Extract
Correspondance with José Pivin


"You say a dirty word Jose : Die. Just when I write something called "The fear of dying life". I want to repeat to you that we do not die. We stop breathing. And maybe ! If I was not sure of these things, I do not worry say you anything. We do not find them with calculations. Because calculation it is a false measure. It does not find with pope or sermons. They are found in the sound of his breathing ; the smell of his ass.


The joy of knowing. And knowing with violence - permission to heal the void. My friend José... I say we can not be used to kill time. You stop ideas. Me, I go down down, until my flesh adjusted. I kill the words. I kill idea. I live to me. There inside, I have beaches -some Pivin, some Françoise, some everybody, 1500 m of soil in bones. But I do not rotted. It's silly rot."


(extract of a letter by Sonny Labou Tansi to José Pivin)



Editors Nicolas Martin-Granel and Greta Rodriguez

Unpublished writings by Sony Labou Tansi (Congo Brazzaville)

3 paperbacks books in a box : 782 pages 14x19 cm with 30 fac-similés

Published in 2005

In French only

ISBN 2 909571 599 - EAN 978 2 909571 5990


Few pages from the book 'SLT WORKSHOP' :