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The Other World


Poesy, short stories, theatre, essays, and other unpublished  writings by Sonny Labou Tansi



Sony Labou Tansi is one of the masters of French speaking African literature (Congo Brazzaville), the most spirited and rebellious, who died in 1996. A number of texts still unpublished. Forewords by Nicolas Martin-Granel. 




Extract of a Sony Labou Tansi text :




"The words delight me

make me sign

and ask me to find them


any wage -

The words come in crowds

under my pen

as proletarians

Words claim

their rights to speech

and want to establish the dictatorship

of words on life -

They need someone who understands

which takes them

to his service -

Alas I'm not that one

Words crossed your hands

sit and fall asleep

at the feet of the poet

who alone knows the value

The words will die

if someone does stir time -

Words that speak of silence-

Bubbles of silence speak"  

(Sonny Labou Tansi extract)




Editors Nicolas Martin Granel and Bruno Tilliette

Unpublished writings by Sony Labou Tansi (Congo Brazzaville)

Paperback with some fac-similes

Published in 1997

In French only

ISBN 2 909571 289



Few pages from the book 'SLT The Other World' :