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Book 'Pourquoi Pas Bylex ? Pume' (Why Not Bylex ? signed by Pume), Revue Noire 2012
Book 'Pourquoi Pas Bylex ? Pume' (Why Not Bylex ? signed by Pume), Revue Noire 2012

Pourquoi-pas Bylex ? Pume
(WHY NOT Bylex ? Pume)



MonographY - sculptures 1994-2012






Bylex is not a person, it is a brand that defines the organization of the world that was created and in which Pume lives. One might think that Bylex is a pseudonym which Pume artist speaks as an meaty entity (?), disembodied (?), in the third person, except that he is the creator of this other one. Bylex is a proposal from Pume: his 'why not?' founder.



'Why not?' said Pume in asking this question that he recognizes as fundamental as the 'why?' but he judge this last one sterile or pretext to all the rants and fistfights, no solution. While the 'why not?' offers. The work of Pume is a proposal that forces everyone to ask at least the question of the 'why not?'. With the ultimate purpose that each proposal achieves to the 'satiayouga', a Japanese term used by Pume to designate total satisfaction, harmony in the world.





Bylex invites us to understand the forces of the world until to 'break the head'. By dint of thinking, he - the Man - has 'headache'. He needs to refresh, leaving its forms live their framed lives, inside glasses. The Bylex world makes us 'bylexe' and makes us more rich and happy. And the first one Pume.



He long time ago, in 1996, Pume told me 'There are people who say, here, the fly is very dirty and all that ... But I have seen the fly through the magnifying glass. I noticed that the fly is strangely beautiful with its metallic green with golden yellow. And I told myself that I can compose an outfit dress from the fly. Although I still blows this admirable fly - when I get there - when she escapes me, I now have a thought for Pume. Often comes back to me one of his enlightening words: 'There is not only the rich who do not like poverty, poor hate also poverty.' Yes, to say evidence is probably obvious to say.



Bylex could have been a literary writer, it is primarily a formal output accompanied by words, sometimes writtings. How to associate Pume formal work of his whole speech, his behavior, his thoughts? A formal work essentially made as models of what will exist sized. One day. At no doubt in the future but this don't interest for Pume as the reality of his world already exists. The model is there and he is sufficient unto itself.



And as the Bylex world is happy, one can even conclude with a big laugh and like Pume said:

- Down 'keystrokes in the air' - 'les frappes en l’air' - (those who stirs air)

- Down 'erator copyists' - 'les copistes ratistes' - (the copyist or rather so stupid copyist that copies the erasures)

- Down 'steep-ugly-beef" - 'le bœuf-laid-raid' - (the idiot).




by Jean Loup Pivin, March 2012



Editors Jean Loup Pivin and Pascal Martin Saint Leon

Texts by Pume, Françoise Gardies, Simon Njami, Jean Loup Pivin and Pascal Martin Saint Leon

Hardcover book 32x24 cm of 98 color pages

45 printed works, 110 color photographs

In French only

Published in March 2012

EAN 978 2 84105 298 1



Few pages from the book 'pourquoi-pas bylex ? pume' :


  • Pume Bylex, 'Maternité', sculpture mix media, 1988-1994
    Pume Bylex, la 'Maternité, la statue Byl'