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Book 'Anthology of African Art, The XXth Century', Revue Noire 2001
Book 'Anthology of African Art, The XXth Century', Revue Noire 2001

AFRICAN ART in the XXth century


The contemporary African art reference-book


From the first self-taught autodidacts of the beginning of the XXth century, the art schools, the pictorial mouvments, the African exhibitions to the emergence of African artists internationally recognized since the 1990s.

A view to better understand current developments in the world of art and gives historical and aesthetic references of contemporary African art.


Editors Jean Loup Pivin, N’Goné Fall, Pascal Martin Saint Leon

350 African artists from the beginning of XXth century to today

Essays of 35 art specialists

800 photographies in colors

Hardcover of 408 pages 24×32 cm

Published in 2001


2 published editions : the English Version (ISBN 1 891024 388) and the French Version (ISBN 2 909571 343)

Few copies ‘Paper Book’ still available




Contents of 'Anthology of African Art in the XXth Century'



Postulates and Convictions (by Jean Loup Pivin)



Geographical and Cultural Areas (by Elikia M’Bokolo)

Territory of Forms (by Étienne Féau)

Ritual Practices in Movement (by Étienne Féau)

Neo-Christian Folk Art in Ethiopia (by Richard Pankhurst)


The Modern City

A City of Boundless Expressions (by Jean Loup Pivin)

Birth of Colonial Cities (by Elikia M’Bokolo)

Neo-Traditional Sculpture in Nigeria (by John Picton)

Ibrahim Njoya, Master of Bamoun Drawings (by Alexandra Loumpet-Galitzine)

Representation and Advertising (by Till Förster and Benetta Jules-Rosette)

The "Souwères" in Senegal (by Marie-Hélène Boisdur de Toffol)

Coffins and Funeral Art in Ghana (by John Picton)

Messenger Artists (by Jean Loup Pivin)


The Artist’s Invention

The Artist’s Invention (by Jean Loup Pivin)

First Movements in the Belgian Congo (by Jean-Luc Vellut and Sabine Cornelis)

The '30s in Lagos, Nigeria (by Sylvester Ogbechie)

The Poto-Poto School, Congo (by Joanna Grabski)

The New Moderns of Ghana (by Joseph Gazari Seini)

The Oshogbo School, Nigeria (by Sigrid Horsch-Albert)

Modern Art at the Makerere University, Uganda (by George Kyeyune)

Two Schools in Zimbabwe (by Yvone Vera)

The Precursors of South Africa (by Marylin Martin)


Rebirth and Identities

The Daydream of a New Africa (by Jean Loup Pivin)

The Independence Movements : A Birth More Than a Rebirth (by Elikia M’Bokolo)

The First International Festival of Black Arts, Dakar, 1966 (by Ousmane Sow Huchard)

Cultural Policy in Senegal (by Marie-Hélène Boisdur de Toffol)

The Black Caribbean School and the Vohou-Vohou Movement (by Marie-Hélène Boisdur de Toffol)

Period of Structuring in Makerere, Uganda (by George Kyeyune)

Zaria Art Society and the Uli Movement, Nigeria (by Sylvester Ogbechie)

Continuity and Rupture in South Africa (by Marylin Martin and Gavin Younge)


An End to Illusions

Doubt Sets In… (by Jean Loup Pivin)

A Chiaroscuro Look at 15 Years of Independence (by Elikia M’Bokolo)

Teaching the Arts and Academism (by Joazinho Francisco Ayi d’Almeida)

Burkina Faso: From Social Art to Private Initiatives (by Blaise Patrix)

Zaria, Nsukka and the Lagos, Nigeria Arts Festival (by Sylvester Ogbechie)

Upheaval in East Africa (by George Kyeyune)

Art training in Kenya and Tanzania (by Sunanda K. Sanyal)

Ethiopia: The Fine Arts School and the Socialist Revolution (by Konjit Seyoun)

Kitsch and Political Manipulation in Angola (by Adriano Mixingue)

Painting and Liberation Movements in Mozambique (by Thierry Payet)

“Resistance Art” in South Africa (by Sue Williamson)


A Continent in the World

Tradition and the 20th Century (by John Picton)

The Illusion of Interbreeding (by Joëlle Busca)

Art and Style (by Simon Njami)

Post-Apartheid South Africa (by Marylin Martin)

Migrations and Convergences (by N’Goné Fall)



A Chronology of African Art Events

Biographies of the Authors


Index of Artists Quoted



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'Anthology of African ART IN THE XXth CENTURY' :

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