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The rupture is consummated


I don’t understand how Joël Andrianomearisoa can, from reminiscences in ex nihilo creations, entertain himself by withdrawing from the world of contemporary art all while playing a full role in it. And do so unscathed. The primary reason could be that he doesn’t spray his ready-mades and various oeuvres in grand declamations that the art critic will tie to the history of art’s tired words, worn-out from over use. And I will not mention them either, of course, because if everything has been said and shown, nothing has been said and shown…







The hour is no longer, in any way, that of this “ rupture ” which by dint of being extolled as the pinnacle of creation, completed on demand by “ radicality ”, has lost all of its savagery and all its essential soul. As if the original act, the genius, the final oeuvre, could arise… automatically from these words that are sacred to the modern art of the XXth century but are to be cursed as a plague by the modern art of the opening decades of the XXIst century : “ the radical rupture ” has so engorged almost two centuries of the Western history of art such that it has no meaning left. And the current generation of artists draws its inspiration “ not only ” from the well of Western art but even remove themselves from that which qualifies “ the grand artist ”.


Yes, it seems we really are in the XIXth century where the very codes of the department store, shaped by here and there, by near and far, by this mode of thought or that, have become so broad that the known contains the unknown and the reverse is also true : the unknown is no longer a source of wonder. While pedantic culturality, droned in heavy and tiresome tones, empties the form and the word by itself. As if the actors of curation, curettage and “ curetonnage ” became increasingly academic, young !


The work of Joël Andrianomearisoa becomes a moment of liberation. Power jubilant forms, sensual, loving, derisory, essential, monumental, marvellous forms, on a pocket handkerchief embroidered with pride, is fascinating, in that it is subject to another agenda than that of urban sociology and scholasticism dressed in undertakers’ clothes. An agenda which becomes that of textiles, paper, words in dust, images photographed and filmed, wood, earth, tomorrow. We really are in the 2010s. So much the better for that.


by Jean Loup Pivin (translated by Laura McDiarmid)



All works have been conceived in 2013 and 2014.


01. Le poids de l’Amour - 02. Sentimental Pharmacy - 03. Frou Frou - 04. Sentimental Archive - 05. En Attente d’un Miracle - 06. Bruits de Salon - 07. Idéal Féminin - 08. Idéal Masculin - 09. Sentimental Couture - 10. And the winner is - 11. Un Baiser un Regard - 12. À la Dérive - 13. Try a little Tenderness - 14. Fais-moi mal - 15. Aïe c’est fou - 16. Duo - 17. Au bord des larmes - 18. Coup de Foudre - 19. Sentimental Promenade - 20. Une Romance sans alcool - 21. Produits de beauté - 22. Les Variantes complexes de l’Amour et d’une Romance - 23. Paris Noir - 24. En attente d’un titre - 25. Voulez-vous - 26. Love Zone - 27. Obsession Obsession - 28. Voici quelques fleurs - 29. Tes cheveux au vent - 30. Goldorak - 31. Prince charmant - 32. Rainbow / Arc-en-ciel - 33. La Folie des garçons - 34. Mélancolie - 35. Tiako Ianao - 36. Özel - 37. Scénographie de l’Attente - 38. Sentimental Landscape - 39. Tendre déLit - 40. Le Miroir qui pleure - 41. Blank Blanc - 42. HB Hard Black - 43. Perfect Lovers- -44. Love Triangle - 45. SupreMatism - 46. Anatomie Du Désir - 47. A little game specially Made for 2 - 48. Infinite Sadness - 49. Stars Shining Bright Above You - 50. Pied de poule - 51. DeMoiselle - 52. L’amour triomphant - 53. L’absence - 54. L’amour triomphant - 55. L’amour triomphant - 56. Sentimental geography - 57. Le Tour du Monde - 58. La Solitude - 59. Nature Morte - 60. On efface Tout.


Editor Joël Andrianomearisoa

60 ‘Sentimental Products’

Texts by Élise Atangana, Carole de Bona, Joanna Chevalier, Odile Decq, Caroline Hancock, Laetitia Louvet, Nabila Mokrani, Jean Loup Pivin, Rina Ralay Ranaivo, Pascal Martine Tayou, Virginie Trastour, Marie Varasson

Paperback with a concertina booklet and a poster 

In French and English

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