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Book 'Joël Andrianomearisoa, Fashion Blackboard', Revue Noire 2001
Book 'Joël Andrianomearisoa, Fashion Blackboard', Revue Noire 2001

Joël Andrianomearisoa
Tableau de mode


An artist Book - Design, Photography, Architecture


The universe of forms of Joël Andrianomearisoa (born in 1977) incude art, photography, architecture, design in space and time with performences, videos, artworks or usual objects.


The Prince of the thousand veils city

The country had lost its king and its queen for a long time. The too young Prince kept calling himself prince despite his kingly title... From the top of his hill, the Prince dreamed of another city where one might live without filth, and without the false mirrors of the buildings that only reflected each other, beyong the seas and the continents... The Prince dreamed of a city of feeling and sensations, a city at whose heart men and women would be again. A city of veils where flames of color would float in the wind, where taught fabric would slap in the wind like tambourines, where light and bodies would rub up against each other. A city of thousand veils…




… One velvet day, on silk, on raw linen day, one day in knitted steel and all the other days in mercerised, unbleached cotton...

The city began to swell, becoming an enormous fleet of sails. The wind billowed up the clothing of those there and set them flying up from the ground... The city took off from its hill for a trip without destination. Not a dramatic voyage, but an imaginary one, destiny unknown.

Some say that they saw the Prince - on a long, white veil floating between the clouds, with his curling black hair rippling in the wind - smile.    


by Jean Loup Pivin, extract



Editor Joël Andrianomearisoa

design, photography, architecture

Texts by Jean Loup Pivin

71 colors photographs

Hardcover book of 96 pages 24×32 cm

Published in  2001

In French and English

ISBN 2 909571 548 - EAN 978 2 909571 546



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