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Book 'Ousmane Sow' monography, Revue Noire 1995
Book 'Ousmane Sow' monography, Revue Noire 1995

monumental clay sculptures
monography Ousmane Sow



Monography of the monumental works of 43 sculptures by the Senegalese Ousmane Sow representing his great 4 first series about oppressed peoples in Africa (works from 1984 to 1993) :




These works have been specially photographed for this book by Jean-Marc Tingaud.


This first monograph of the Senegalese artist Ousmane Sow (born in 1935 in Dakar), retraces with emotion and sensuality a unique sculptural work. Ousmane Sow sculpts monument inspired by African people and the great moments of history.


The sculpture works rarely isolated form scenes as if in an immobile theatre where speech is emitted by each gesture of every sculpture. Nevertheless, even though they are called Nuba, Masaï, Zulu and Peulh, they are imperfect giants of immobile material who try to speak another language. They are a desire of humanity.





Editors Jean Loup Pivin, Pascal Martin Saint Leon

Monography of Ousmane Sow

Essay by Jean Loup Pivin

103 colors and B&W photographs by Jean-Marc Tingaud, Béatrice Soulé and Philippe Bordas

Hardcover book of 184 pages 24×32 cm

In French and English

Published in 1995

ISBN 2 909571 149



Few pages from the book 'Ousmane sow' :