Ted Joans was born in Cairo Illinois, USA in 1928, he died in 2003. He is a poet, traveler, film-maker, painter, musician, collector, photographer, vegeterian and a lover.He has confessed:

« jazz is my religion and surrealism is my point of view».


The below extract was published in the collection of poems (in English) 'Double Trouble' by Ted Joans and Hart Leroy Bibbs, by éditions Revue Noire-Bleu Outremer 1992, out of print).


Writings : 'Funky Jazz Poems' (1959) (New York, Rhino Review) ; 'Beat Poems' (1959) ; 'All of T.J. and No More' (1959)(New York, Excelsior) ; 'The Truth' (1960) ; 'The Hipsters' (1961) (New York, Corinth) ; 'A Black Pow-Wow Of Jazz Poems' (1969) (New York, Hill & Wang) ; 'Afrodisia' (1970) (New York, Hill & Wang) ; 'A Black Manifesto in Jazz Poetry and Prose' (1971) (London, Calder & Boyars) ; 'Vergriffen' oder: Blitzliebe poems (1979) (Kassel, Loose Blätter Presse) ; 'The Aardvark Watcher' (1980) (Berlin, LCB-Editionen) ; 'Sure, Really Is' (1982) (Sidmouth, Transformaction) ; 'Double Trouble' by Ted Joans and Hart Leroy Bibbs (1992) (Revue Noire-Bleu Outremer) ; 'Honey Spoon' (1993) (Paris, Handshake Press) ; 'Okapi Passion' (1994) (Berkeley, Ishmael Reed Publishing) ; 'Wow' (1998) with Laura Corsiglia (Muckileo, Quartermoon) ; 'Teducation : Selected Poems' (1999) (Coffee House Press) ; 'In Thursday Sane' (2001) (Davis, CA, Swan Scythe Press); 'Our Thang : Several Poems, Several Drawings', with Laura Corsiglia (2001) (Victoria,CA Ekstasis Editions)




Anathema of Erection

[published in RN 05 in June 1992 and in 'Double Trouble', original text written in English]


In Gdansk it is against the law

to place your penis

on the shoulder

of a married man

Or a married woman

in the month of March

On crowded metros

The Protruding Causes Brooding

and Is In No Way Soothing to the victim


In Adelaide on public transports

but not taxis or rented limos

men above the age of 18 years can

legally play with their penis

IF their hand is in a pocket

without a hole in it HOWEVER

this does not apply to the

back pocket there it is forbidden

The Protruding Causes Brooding and

Is In No Way Soothing to Onlookers


In Indianapolis if any woman or girl

older than 12 years are caught in the

act of drawing in public places

an image of a boy or a man with an

erected penis a drawing done in any

style be it ancient Egypt Classic Greek

or Roman or even in a modern manner

such as Mondrian or Jackson Pollack

She can be prosecuted to the fullest

extent of the Indianapolis Law because

The Protruding Causes Brooding and

Is In No Way Soothing to the public


The Public Region of Masculinity

has nothing to do with institutional

obscenity nevertheless the anathema

of erection prevails yet there shall

never be a penis-erection-thaw thus it

remains high way above institutional law.


Ted Joans, February 31, 1991

extract from 'Double Trouble' 1992