Hart Leroy Bibbs was born in Kansas City, Missouri, USA, in 1930, he died in 1994. This selfmade man started by being a journalist then a photographer, specialized in the jazz scene,before starting his own artistically research. He is a painter, a sculptor and, of course, a musician poet.

The below extract has been published in the collection of poems (in English) 'Double Trouble' by Ted Joans (1928-2003) and Hart Leroy Bibbs (1930-1994) by Revue Noire-Bleu Outremer publisher, Paris 1992, out of print.





[published in RN 05 in June 1992, original text written in English and in 'Double Trouble', Revue Noire-Bleu Outremer Publisher 1992, in original English writings]


Where truly does the lie begin

In the mind, the soul or the sin,

Out of context, reflex or perplexity ?

The true road turns – forked lies come in.


Lyrics I

If love is blind

What use has love to cry

Tears of joy or any other kind ?

Being justice also is in a lover’s mind

Just or unjust, let all the tears dry.


Lyrics V

In ward north number twelve

One hushed night

I heard death choking my neighbor

But couldn’t find the light

Couldn’t recognize its face for fright.

Now any face that it may be

If now it shadows me

I’ll just wait to see.


Lyrics IX

Perfection must be the dullest thing

In the world – now that I’ve done you wrong

Give me the broken wing

Because of love I no longer belong

And a conflict joy would bring

Back my love which once was so strong.

Now, even now, I suffer in this song

Because I done you wrong.


Hart Leroy Bibbs

extract from 'Double Trouble' 1992