Question of Society

Question of society



by Jean Loup Pivin


Trying to say the maximum terms easily shared by all does not belong to these new societies, castes, cultures under codes words that it is impossible to know all the senses. However, it is not to suggest that those castes which all have a worldview, when we understand them, bring us perhaps not knowledge but understanding of the modern Western society.


And sometimes the language mingling, it can become bright even touching. For since the death of God in the West, secular societies that have more or less imposed their model of relationship to each other in the world (from Human Rights to trade rules), entangled in a vision, a projection of their own values in the future.


This wandering may reflect the "scientific belief of better world or paradise - materialistic - on earth" makes a new statement of what is "archaic" in modern Judeo-Christian civilization. Failure to live longer and push the limits of the unknown, does not change the place of the unknown in knowledge and awareness of each.


© photo Mickael Schultz, Car Wash, South Africa 1976 
© photo Mickael Schultz, Car Wash, South Africa 1976



Go to God through religion is now a personal remedy for thousands reasons that our specialist scientists analyze well. To systematically build a community. The surge in Muslim cleric is the most visible evidence and terror for the European who discovered that a significant proportion of its population is Muslim.


Then one reiterates a Christian Europa to share its past rather than its present. It is clear that this action or passion if it is Muslim here, it is of all religions or any collective rituals that define a community of belief, pushing forward scientific believers, or seciular believers in a minority who wish to be open, as others.


To say these things just took off probably their weight and seems to be the coffeshop, whatever, even the "Café du Commerce" told the truth.




by Jean Loup Pivin