Once Upon A Time Revue Noire…

by Revue Noire team

(Jean-Loup Pivin, Simon Njami, Pascal Martin Saint Leon)


Polyphony of the story, the small and great story of Revue Noire. Anecdotic, theoretical, this story tells an human adventure that has wanted to be free of many prejudices. And it is probably its principal quality, with no real other claim.


For this, between “us”, we tell “Once Upon A Time Revue Noire by…”, each in its own way and open manner. This story is not written, it is to be by bits and different hands. Here today the first elements. Eventually we may have contradictory perceptions of facts and judgments. It is indeed our story, by those which did it, by those which approached us, by those which simply observed it.


These founding texts of Revue Noire seek to answer questions Why Revue Noire? How to define? Ethics and politics of our actions ...


If you want to take part in this story, because our paths crossed, because Revue Noire touched you, send to us your text.

The Revue Noire Spirit and Ethic
The Revue Noire Spirit and Ethic