Revue Noire 22



Afro BrAZil


Focus and artists panorama : Jorge Dos Anjos, Chico Tabibuaia, Arthur Bispo Do Rosario, Mestre Didi, Cildo Meireles…

Photo : Pereira Jr., Pierre Verger, Lucia Villar Guanaes, Eustaquio Neves, Cuia Guimaraes, Bauer Sa, Walter Firmo…



Talks Memories.



Dance in Brazil

Grupo Corpo, Lia Rodrigues, Deborah Colker, Rubens et Barbot, Angélica Chaves, A Fleur de Peau, Omstrab, Fernando Lee, Stagium, Vera Lafer, Sera Que ?, Rui Moreira…


Editor André Jolly

Published in September 1996

In French, English and Portuguese (Brazil)

100 pages 23×33 cm


‘PAPER MAGAZINE’ out of print

‘PDFMAGAZINE’ available


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