REVUE NOIRE – Histoire Histoires – History Stories

Couverture recto verso du livre REVUE NOIRE - Histoire Histoires
couverture/cover PASCALE MARTHINE TAYOU série 'Le lendemain' 1996

REVUE NOIRE – Histoire Histoires – History Stories

by Jean Loup Pivin - Simon Njami - Pascal Martin Saint Leon - Bruno Tilliette

with N’Goné Fall, Michèle Rakotoson, Isabelle Boni Claverie...


New Book [september 2020] available HERE


From the HISTORY through which Contemporary African Art is finally considered as an integral part of HISTORY OF ART, to the STORIES which have allowed REVUE NOIRE to exist.


A book of 400 pages of the thoughts, deliberations, attitudes and memories of the people who founded Revue Noire in 1991 : Simon Njami, Jean Loup Pivin, Pascal Martin Saint Leon and Bruno Tilliette, later joined by N’Goné Fall.


A book that tells the story of an artistic evolution, shows readers the different productions of Revue Noire and throws light on the motives and intentions that guided its creators. 


A book essential to the study of contemporary African creation in its every form, essential to a contemplation of the world and action, and essential in framing issues of identity and ethnicity, always seen through the prism of the world of forms. Today. 

Creations, ideas, images and words. A book of many voices. 



400 pages 21 x 27 cm

500 color pictures

30 contributors

in French and English (translation Simon Beaver)

published in Septembre 2020

ISBN 978 2 909571 82 9


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The book includes 5 parTs :


A – Genealogy Of A Thought

B – Issues & Topics

C – Fabrica

D – Chronology

E – Index





Mosaic of Thought – J.L. Pivin & P. Martin St Leon

The Story of Worlds – S. Njami
On Scandal & Chaos – S. Njami
The Contemporary Facts – S. Njami
World Color – J.L. Pivin
Another World Possible – B. Tilliette
First Encounter – S. Njami
A Little Girl On the Orange Tree – Michèle Rakotoson

TRACEY ROSE – artist portrait




An End To Illusions – J.L. Pivin

The Interpreter & The Ethnologist – J.L. Pivin

Sighted Power – S. Njami

Movements – J.L. Pivin
Post – S. Njami
Anthropometric Visions in the 1990s – S. Njami

PUME BYLEX – artist portrait




The Artist & The Master – J.L. Pivin

The Artist as Messenger – P. Martin Saint Leon




From The Unnamed To The Unnamable – J.L. Pivin & P. Martin St Leon

Male Blues – S. Njami
Rite of Passage – S. Njami


ALAIN NZUZI POLO – artist portrait




Revue Noire 01 – Ousmane Sow / African London

On A  Shady Terrace – Revue Noire

Revue Noire 02 – Sokary Douglas Camp / Abidjan

Abidjan A Misunderswtanding – Yacouba Konaté

Memory On March – Alpha Oumar Konaré

Revue Noire 04 – Mickaël Bethe-Sélassié / Namibia

All The Art In The World – J.L. Pivin

Revue Noire 05 – Ouatarra Watts / Libreville Gabon

On The Perpendicular Voyage as Art – Yves de La Croix


topic / literature


 From Negritude To Tigritude – B. Tilliette


Infernal Letter to Monsieur Rimbaud – Sony Labou Tansi
The Source – Tchicaya U Tam'si
Peoples – Jean-Luc Raharimanana
Breaths – Gros-Poil – Gerty Dambury
They're Not Like Us – José Eduardo Algualusa

La Demoiselle de Kinshasa – Adagio to a Dream – Beyond the Gate – Star Nyaniba Hammond
Scavengers – Above Control – Kobena Eyi Acquah 




Revue Noire 06–09 – Caribbeans [Cuba–Jamaica–Martinique–Guadeloupe–Haïti–Santo Domingo–Puerto Rico–Trinidad–Guyanes]

The Ancestor'Ship on Fire – Jean-Claude Charles

Looking At Yourself Trough A Window – Pascale Marthine Tayou


Revue Noire 07 – Dakar Sénégal

 Dakar in Total Freedom – Rokhaya Daba Sarr

topic CINEMA


Revue Noire 08 – Cinema

Where is African Cinema ? –  Isabelle Boni-Claverie

An Evening Watching A Soccer Game with Mambéty – Anne Khady Sé 

DJIBRIL DIOP MAMBÉTY – artist portrait

ABDERRAHMANE SISSAKO – artist portrait 


Revue Noire 11 – South Africa

The Confession – S. Njami & J.L. Pivin

One Does Not Kill A Man Who Sings… – J.L. Pivin

Revue Noire 12 – Mediterranean Africa

The Roses of the Gods – J.L. Pivin

Revue Noire 13 – Cameroon

The Faced have Aged – S. Njami

Revue Noire 14 – Africa Dance

The Idolater – J.L. Pivin




Revue Noire 03 & 15 – African Photography

Revue Noire & Photography – J.L. Pivin

Shadow & Blackness – J.L. Pivin
The First Look at a Photography – J.L. Pivin

A Dress So Red – S. Njami
Fiction-Photography – P. Martin Saint Leon


ABDOURAHMANE SAKALY – artist portrait

PHILIPPE KOUDJINA – artist portrait

BOUNA MÉDOUNE SEYE – artist portrait

DORRIS HARON KASCO – artist portrait

JEAN DEPARA – artist portrait


Revue Noire 16 – Indian Ocean [Réunion–Mauritius–Seychelles–Comores]

An Island, Islands – J.L. Pivin

Revue Noire 17 – Mali–Burkina Faso–Niger

Of Art Of Sahel Of Exception And Of Jean-Luc Godard – Yves de La Croix

 Ghosts Don't Go To Heaven – J.L. Pivin

Engines – Bruno Airaud

The Evidence of Life – Bruno Tilliette

Revue Noire 18 – Benin

Waiting for Rain… – S. Njami


tyopic AIDS


Revue Noire 19 – African Artists and AIDS

The Shadow of AIDS – J.L. Pivin

Memories of Youth – Abdoulaye M'Bengue

Dolorosa – Michèle Rakotoson


Revue Noire 20 – Black Paris

In The Pale Sheen Of Neon Lights – Bashir N'Diaye




Revue Noire 21–  Kinshasa Congo

A Song In The City – J.L. Pivin

Revue Noire 22 – Afro-Brásileiro

Lapa By Night – André Jolly

Revue Noire 24 – Djibouti–Ethiopia –Erythrea

From Your Lips To The Doors Of Heaven – N'Goné Fall

Revue Noire 26 – Madagascar

Wake up ! We Are All dead – Élie Rajaonarison


topic Fashion Design


Revue Noire 27 – African Fashion
Rebirth Of An African Style – J.L. Pivin

Seeing, Hearing, Smelling, Touching & The Imagination Of Taste – N'Goné Fall & Nathalie Rosticher

Ornement Is Not A Crime – J.L. Pivin


CHRIS SEYDOU artist portrait

ALPHADI artist portrait

XULY-BËT artist portrait


Revue Noire 29 – Angola

Affectionate Words – N'Goné Fall

Revue Noire 30 – Nigéria

The Obalende Suyas – Patrice Monfort


topic City


Revue Noire 31 – Africa Urbis – The City

Tastes – Issa Diabaté

A Fragance of Tear Gaz Bombs – Kangni Alemdjrodo


Revue Noire 32 – Togo / Ghana

Togo In Light Shade – Henri Assila

Ghana Maybe Time – Bruno Airaud

Revue Noire 33-34 –  Morocco

Casa To Death To Life – Nicole de Pontcharra & P. Martin Saint Leon


MOHAMMED KACIMI artist portrait




Ah Money ! – J.L. Pivin & P. Martin Saint Leon
Right & Wrong – B. Tilliette

The Revue Noire Family – Revue Noire

'Suites Africaines' – exhibition, Paris 1997



The Sentimental House


Revue Noire Fetishes



1985-1989 – Background Of The World
1989-2000 – The Years Revue Noire

2000-2020 – The After




The 3.500 artists and writers published in Revue Noire

Visual art

Music Dance Theater

Fashion Design


The Contributors


Jean-Loup PIVIN, founder, editor, publication director

Architect, he designed the Musée national du Mali in Bamako, with Pascal Martin Saint Leon and Moustaph Soumaré. In 1986, he created one of the first French office of cultural ingineering, BICFL, related in the book ‘Acte d’Utopie’ (Éditions Revue Noire, Paris 2019, writer by J.L. Pivin, available here).


Simon NJAMI, founder, editor-in-chieF

Writer [of novels as  ‘Cercueil et Cie’ (Lieu Commun, 1985), ‘African Gigolo’, (Seghers, 1989) ; and of the biographies ‘James Baldwin ou le devoir de violence’ (Seghers, 1991) and ‘C’était Senghor ‘(Fayard, 2006).

Art director of some 'Rencontres Photo de Bamako' and 'Biennale des Arts in Dakar', curator of many exhibitions ast Africa Remix.


Pascal MARTIN SAINT LEON, founder, Art  director

Architect, he has designed with J.L.Pivin the Musée national du Mali and the Centre culturel français in Bamako, and also the renovation of the‘Campus France’ (before 'Egide') in Paris.


Bruno TILLIETTE, founder, literature advisor

Journalist and writer. He was editor-in-chief of the magazine ‘Autrement ‘. He wrote lot of books about communication and managing. Consultant for the Festival de la Francophonie in Limoges from 1986 to 2006.




N’Goné FALL, Editor director

Architect, international advisor in African contemporary art. She is art director of the event ‘Africa 20/20’.


Michèle RAKOTOSON, literature advisor

Writer of novels as  ‘Dadabé’ (Karthala, 1984), ‘Le Bain des reliques' ( Karthala, 1988), ‘Lalana’ (Ed. L'Aube, 2002), ‘Madame à la campagne : Chroniques malgaches’ (Dodo vole’, 2015). Director of the 'Concours de la Nouvelle francophone RFI'. She lives now in Madagascar.


Isabelle BONI-CLAVERIE, cinema advisor.

Filmmaker, writer, she has directed the film ‘Le Génie d'Abou’ (1998), 'Pour la nuit' (2004), and writed 'Trop Noire pour être française ?' (2015).



iconograph, museum curator


consutant for music and architecture


consutant, architect scenographer


consultant Africa-Brazil