The new site Revue Noire lights old things as new. These old things that made Revue Noire and that we always made available to everyone in modern shapes or with this paper that we never thrown. Despite the economic rules that would seek to destroy any publishing after six months in bookstores.


Here on the site not only years but decades pass. Although most of the works are exhausted, there is always some pearls available as our latest publishings.


The new site is to preserve this special lighting to contemporary creations in Africa and elsewhere. It's good the presence of images and literary words. With the pleasure of showing them printed on beautiful paper or on the screen. Without false culturalism that invades the increasingly swollen discourse of not scientific sounding words.


Certainly oblivion is sometimes preferable to preservation. Probably for what is ridiculous or hateful. But for what remains desirable and essential, better try to keep this in a renewed. We seek no periodicity to sometimes say things. Just the force of a presence rooted in a story.


by Jean Loup Pivin

© photo Rotimi Fani Kayode (& Alex Hirst), 'Lorne', gum-bichromate, 1989