Sentimental Products
Joël Andrianomearisoa



60 ‘Sentimental Products’

by Joël Andrianomearisoa



Dreamed up in 2003 in Antananarivo and reinvented many times in various guises up to now, ’Sentimental Products’ seduces and moves with force and subtlety. This intimate piece expresses Joël’s creative energy, his thirst for inventing forms and words.
This piece of poetry, which speaks of his personal history, of nascent love, a loving everyday, or chosen moments or personalities, is a delicious and intelligent artistic dialogue. It materializes the artist’s obsessive desire to undress the codes of love, or even to rip them apart, the better to dress them in a new texture.
An installation, the piece is both a whole and a multitude of objects that could stretch to infinity. The infinite time of a love affair. A great outpouring of emotions translates with insight a painstaking piece of semantics that defies representations. The object (of art) is significant and signified. Reflections on the significations and the illusions of words thanks to a prolific misappropriation of the function of the object and the artwork. Always with generosity.
Art or object, object or art? Art is in everything. All is an art!
by Élise Atangana, Curator


Editor Joël Andrianomearisoa

60 ‘Sentimental Products’

Texts by Élise Atangana, Carole de Bona, Joanna Chevalier, Odile Decq, Caroline Hancock, Laetitia Louvet, Nabila Mokrani, Jean Loup Pivin, Rina Ralay Ranaivo, Pascal Martine Tayou, Virginie Trastour, Marie Varasson

Paperback of 80 colors pages  21,50×16,50cm with a concertina booklet ‘Le Labyrinthe des Passions’ 21,50x98cm an a poster ‘La Lumière Noire’ 64,50×49,50cm

In  French and English (translation Laura McDiarmid)

EAN 978 0 201379 624

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