Photo Kinshasa



Photographers from Kinshasa



Photographs from D.R.Congo (Zaire) from 1870 to 2000


Trought a selection of best photographies from Kinshasa photographers, from 1870 to today, this book offers you a photographic portrait of this fascinated city Kinshasa where you can ear the song of Papa Wemba “c’est la vie” (Tbat’s life) and the Franco rumbas. The long history of the country, from “Congo Independant State”, Belgium Congo, Zaire and now to Democratic Republic of Congo is the origin of these great perspective makes by different regards.

Amazing city whose narcissism, cult of appearance and a certain exhibitionism are antidotes against the attacks and the hideousness of material poverty.



Editor N’Goné Fall

Essays by Lye M. Yoka, Manda Tchebwa, Françoise Morimont and N’Goné Fall

150 colors and B&W photographs by 26 photographers

Hardcover book of 128 pages 24×32 cm

Published in 2001

In French and English

ISBN 2-909571-53-X  – EAN 978 2 909571 539

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