Mohammed Kacimi

Paintings & Writings


Monography of one of precursors of the Moroccan contemporary art


Without no doubt Kacimi is one of the most famous Moroccan painter. Beyond the solitude of his studio in Rabat, Kacimi is a social figure committed the evolution of his country. This  art book is the first monograph ever published on his works.


For Kacimi, being a nomad allows you to stop being just yourself within the limits of your solitude. A solitude still confronted with the colours of difference yet also with the similarity between human souls. And all this is painted, written, constructed like an image, like a poem whose only message is the representation of one’s self to the world, through the fragility of a body itself committed to being a fragment of the world. A fragility that can be assassinated by the obscurity of those who hold the truths. Kacimi opens his body to this assassin.

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Editors Jean Loup Pivin, Pascal Martin Saint Leon

Paintings, drawings, writings by Mohammed Kacimi

Essays by Brahim Alaoui, Jean Loup  Pivin, Marie-Odile Briot

146 colors photo

Hardcover book of 192 pages 24×32 cm

Published in 1996

In French and English

ISBN 2 909571 238 – EAN 978 2 909571 232



‘PAPER or PDF BOOK’ available

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