Afrique par elle-même



Africa by Africans

An African Photography Century



This ‘pocket-book’ is a summary of the book “Anthology of African photography” with 78 portfolios of African photographers on 208 pages.



‘Africa By Africans’ is a first approach to sub-Saharan African photography in the XXth century, with major photographers of the African continent. A look from 1870 to today on the precursors, the portrait photographers, the official agencies, photographs of Independence, the images of today and artistic research.


Essaies by Anne-Marie Bouttiaux, Alain D’Hooghe, Jean Loup Pivin and Pascal Martin Saint Leon

78 portfolios of African photographers (Seydou Keita, Malick Sidibé, Samuel Fosso, Mthelethu Methetwa, Azaglo, Sakaly…)

178 B&W and colors photographs

Paperback of 208 pages 14×19 cm

Published in 2003

In French only

ISBN 2 909571 5800 – EAN 978 2 909571 584

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