Tlemcen The Writings Place
M. Dib & Ph. Bordas



TLEMCEN OR the memories of the Writing PLACES



PHOTOGRAPHS BY Mohammed Dib (1946) and PHILIPPE BORDAS (1992)



Literary essay by Mohammed Dib about photography and the writing memory.


The poet and writer Mohammed Dib finds old photographs of his childhood in Tlemcen in 1946. He then realizes that all his imagination since expressed in his writings and poems was built through this memory whose photographs are the only traces. To read as additional texts on photography of Roland Barthes and Michel Tournier. The young photographer Philippe Bordas has taken a new look in returning to these places of memory.


63 B&W photographs by Mohammed Dib (1946)

and photographs (1992) by Philippe Bordas

Foreword by Jean Loup Pivin

Paperback of 160 pages 14×19 cm

Published in 1994

In French only

ISBN 2 909571 05X



‘PAPER BOOK’ few new unread copies still available
‘PDF BOOK’ available

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