New Delhi Art Fair 2016

New Delhi Art Fair 2016, Solo project by Joël Andrianomearisoa
New Delhi Art Fair 2016, Solo project by Joël Andrianomearisoa

Joel Andrianomearisoa Naked Paper


by Jean Loup Pivin, New Delhi, January 2016





with Sabrina Amrani Galery, Madrid, Spain


The paper tears and flows as angry ball. An impossible love letter writing? A letter of helplessness to build a new utopia?


Meanwhile, Joel paper leaves fly to the wind, even if they remain attached to his hand. No, they don’t fly away, they float, like banners more than an affirmation of identity.



PAPERS ! one request us, always with the fear of withdrawned or lost them. We wish to spread a white and light sheet, leaving us free to fill it or leave it virgin, as the celebration of our virginity future, because our past is no more there. Probably what I feel seeing these paper waves of calm or raging sea: the freedom of my future.


Paper made that steel, wood, stone are not... it says simply and faster its time. It said an so fragile eternity, it makes up vain word. Yet papyrus, parchment or coatting, it crosses history and with irony - as the most fragile of all - it freezes time, thoughts, significant or simple acts of life for States as life of each one. And also verse of words but also of gestures.


The Joël paper washed his words. He is naked... Nothing to do with the white sheet of the writer lacking inspiration.


HERE, his words have no place and are replaced by shivering, vibration and movement of the free paper or the book page, fliped, dog-eared, crumpled, folded, torn.


THERE his words distill loneliness, slow phrases and anamorphosis without mirror to grasp the hidden form.


Paper, words, paper without words, and now words without paper. The display included new pages like the finite and the infinite of mixing sign and language. It vibrates at random to the extent where randomness is dictated as a serial music from a long time ago. If the display has taken words, it didn’t take paper that can exist without words and develop its own random without specific program. And flourishing over another poem, another art, freed of words and drawing, and by the hand vogue from world to world, never feeling stranger.



by J.L. Pivin



A night in Black in the Switzerland Ambassy in India


As every year during the New Delhi Art Fair, the Switzerland Ambassy in India celebrated the event with a big party in its Corbusean building. This year 2016, the Ambassador has entrustes his house for a night to Joel Andrianomearisoa who managed the whole and, as usual, dressed all in BLACK.



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  • New Delhi Art Fair, fête de l'Ambassade de Suisse par J. Andrianomearisoa, avril 2016
    New Delhi Art Fair, fête à l'Ambassade de Suisse organisée par Joël Andrianomearisoa, janvier 2016