Opening exhibition
08 oct - 06 nov 2010 / wed-sat 1.00 pm-7.00pm

Goddy Leye (video)
Maksaens (video)
Alain Polo (photography)
Rina Ralay Ranaivo (video)
Hervé Yamguen (drawings)

with networks _trans-


Exhibitions programme MAISON REVUE NOIRE




8 rue Cels, 75014 Paris
08 October - 06 November 2010
Wednesday-Saturday 1.00 pm - 7.00 pm

Goddy Leye (Cameroon, video installation )
Maksaens Denis (Haiti, video)
Alain Polo (RDCongo, photography)
Rina Ralay Ranaivo (Madagascar, video)
Hervé Yamguen (Cameroon, drawing)

This exhibition is the first step (on 3) of the project _trans-: put together cultural spaces from Africa and Carribean to emerge and spread new talents.

The networks _trans- actualy includes 4 spaces :
Doual'Art (Cameroon, with event "salon urbain Sud nov 2010")
30 et presque songe (Madagascar, with event "biennale culturelle march 2011")
AfricAmerica (Haiti, with event "forum interdisciplinaire oct 2011")
Revue Noire (France, cultural expressions from all the world)

_trans- is a programme of ACP States support by European Union

Goddy Leye
Born in 1965 in Cameroon. Lives and works in Cameroon.
After studying literature and philology at the University of Yaounde, Cameroon (1986-1991), Goddy Leye works between 1987 and 1992 in the studio of the artist and art historian Pascal Kenfack, fundamental reference in its critical and theoretical training on contemporary African art. He continued his training at the National Institute of Arts, Bamako, Mali (1994) ; at ZKM Centre for Art and Media, Karlsruhe, Germany  (1997) ; at the 18th Street Arts Complex, Santa Monica, California (1999) and at the Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten, Amsterdam,Netherlands s (2000).
His work revolves around themes of memory, the post-colonial Africa and the construction and oblivion of history.

Maksaens Denis
Born in 1968 in Port-au-Prince. Lives and works in Haiti.
Filmmaker, Maksaens is the first multimedia artist from Haiti. Son of a pianist, he grew into world of classical music. Violin, flute, piano, music theory, rhythm, accompany her during primary and secondary schools. His passion for the image appears during adolescence, while he has created with other young people "Mizik Mizik" a group that will revolutionize the Haitian popular genre, introducing new sounds. In 1988, after graduation he was admitted to the Ecole Superieure de l'Audiovisuel (ESRA) in France. In 1992 his thesis is on "virtual reality", a subject of avant-garde in the context of the time. Employed by "Videosystem" for three consecutive years, the editing studios are transformed into a laboratory for experimentation : dysfunctions videos, Larsen effects, games with wiring, equipment operating faults.
In 1993, he directed his first video installations, and consists of concrete music as contemporary musical compositions with Dj and Vj. A video series on music for the channel Arte, among others, brought him back to Haiti. Along with achievements in television, he continued his experiments with the visual art group "Active Filters" and it broadens its focus to video installations and multimedia-plastic. In 2000, he was invited with his group to perform as a VJ at the Media Art Festival in Germany Wilhems Haven. In 2001, Maksaens Denis performs other films including "Pluribus Unum", a short documentary on the workshop of sculptors and Eugene Céleur in Port-au-Prince. In 2002 he introduced his partner photographer Fred Koenig, a multimedia installation under "AfricAmericA@SAT" at the African Festival "Vues d'Afriqque" in Montreal, Canada. The same year he participated in the Second Forum of Contemporary Art and Multicultural present a project with the group Urban Sculpture, The Museum of Haitian Art. In 2003, the commemoration of the bicentennial of the death of Toussaint Louverture, the project encourages a filmography (in progress). Since 2002, Maksaens is an active member of the Foundation AfricAmericA.

Alain Polo
Born in 1985 in Kinshasa. Lives and works in Kinshasa.
Alain Polo is a young artist who studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kinshasa. He formed a group called SADI (Solidarity Artists for Integral Development) with Trésor Mukonkole, Yves Sambu, Kruchna Mongovo-Masangila and Fransix Tenda. The remarkable collective work about the "village of erosion" of Mount Gafula whose houses collapsed in heavy rain each (see article by Jean Loup Pivin our Web Mag). They are painted on pieces of insulated walls and houses on the brink of collapse.
Alain Polo also carries an intimate working on an ideal of "beauty" that tries to embody the transformation. The reflection in the broken mirror of his own image on other upset opens dizziness Congolese society that does not always understand. Photographs, performances, video are the main carriers of creation, not hesitating to have fun with fashion.

Rina Ralay Ranaivo
Born in 1984 in Antananarivo. Lives and works in Antananarivo/Madagascar.
Videographer, his first work, "Breaking the Silence", was honored at the 2nd National Meeting Short Film Festival of Madagascar and presented at the "Iles Courts Festival" (Shorts Islands Festival) in(Mauritius. Sensitive to live performances, especially dance, he collaborated with dancers Malagasy design work choreography and staging. Currently, he is responsible for the implementation of artistic and cultural programming of the Cultural Centre Albert Camus of Antananarivo, a job that gave him the opportunity to confront and shape a view on the forms and artistic expressions contemporary. This career came after two years of journalism on behalf of a local daily "La Gazette de la Grande Ile" and Communication Studies at the University of Antananarivo.
His videos are an expression of states, personal sensibilities in which the desire outweighs the doubt and intuition overcomes the tastes and trends. "Les rêves qui naissent" (Borning Dreams) his second short film (here presented in SUD PARIS), offers a juxtaposition of images through a personal vision of the dream state gives to share feelings, this mixture of loneliness, sadness and helplessness time.
Other shorter works in terms of size are relevant in this process. A series of videos depicting music chosen ventures on other tracks : the random hesitation, nonsense ... all that refuses intentionally or not. His latest work, focusing on dance, moved to follow the gaze of the videographer on the stage at a restitution workshop.

Hervé Yamguen
Born in 1971 in Douala. Lives and works in Cameroun.
Hervé Yamguen is a poet, photographer and artist. He lives and works in one of the most popular neighborhoods of his hometown, New Bell. The special atmosphere of the neighborhood contributes to build his imagination and urban identity and allowed him to organize workshops in recent years in the district, in collaboration with artists of different nationalities. He is a member of the circle Kapsiki. As a member of this circle, he participated in the "Urban Scenography" (January 2003). He outlined a work to the gallery Mom in the project started off piece by the French Cultural Center (April 2003). His works have been exhibited at the Cultural Centre Jean Gagnant in Limoges (France) during the 2002 Festival. His poems have been published in several collections. He also participated in several events as a visual artist and photographer, especially in Douala and France.
In 2008 he presented a personal exhibition in the  Doual'Art space : "Les Néons d’Amour" (Neona Love). It is resolutely engaged in artistic and social activities in his country.  It began as a painter and sculptor and discovered successively passion for writing that allowed him to question his own identity. His plastic work revolves around the face, body and place it in the world. In his poems, he wondered about the language and seeks to make the sensations that the stalk daily. yamguen


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